A Year Of Memories

Boston Black Wedding Planner Laetitia Gnoumou
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Happy New Year to you!

I started this year with only one resolution, which is to cultivate my relationships with loved ones. This has always been important to me. I have always appreciated my family and friends and cherished my time with them and the special moments that we share. However, over the last few years the busyness of life hasn’t allowed me to always be fully present.

The year 2020 taught me anew to maximize special moments and to cherish those moments. You just never know when you can get it again. Creating memories may look different today while we are still in the thick of the pandemic. However, I challenge you all to join me this year in looking for ways to cultivate relationships with loved ones. Find ways to make them feel cherished, to celebrate their achievements (and yours too), to commemorate milestones, and to maximize moments. As you share special moments, I encourage you to make sure that you are fully present.

With love,


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