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Radisson Hotel, Nashua, NH
160 guests


Patricia and Fortune met briefly at church while in college, but it wasn’t until after they both graduated that they started seeing more of each other while serving at church. In the process they got to know each other more. He proposed on November 30, 2019 in front of their close friends. Like many other 2020 couples they were hit hard with the pandemic. They knew they didn’t want to push their wedding out, but a month to their wedding they still didn’t have a venue. However, they were calm and kept the faith. 

They wed in front of close family and friends in a modern, regal New England wedding with 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen. The ceremony was sweet. It included a live music and their heartfelt vows to kept each other giggling. The reception, let’s just say people were ready to party. It was overall a joyous affair.

Laetitia you are God sent, the level of passion you and your team expressed towards our wedding was incredible. Her calm spirit is so inviting, it allows her to make sound decisions. She is extremely organized and detailed. What you ask her for, she will provide. I say this and I will continue to say this, I wouldn't have been able to pull such an AMAZING wedding during a PANDEMIC if it wasn't FOR YOU. You are and will always be my number one event/wedding planner. You deserve 6 stars.
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