I’m engaged, now what?

Boston Black Wedding Planner Laetitia Gnoumou
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Jump, shout, dance… you’re engaged! You have met the one who you can’t imagine living without, and you’re on the road to happily ever after. Plus, you have a nice rock on your finger 😏. Sure, there’s a lot of work ahead in the wonderful world of wedding planning, but do take the time to rejoice. It’s a great day!

Now that you have celebrated, we have outlined five things to do as soon as possible once you’re engaged.

1. Get a vision

Along with your fiancé(e), agree on a vision for your wedding day. Discuss everything from the size of the wedding to the theme to the wedding date to your desired ambiance. Also discuss the budget. Ask yourselves questions like whether you prefer traditional food from your country or any food that the venue can provide. The goal is not to finalize all the details for your wedding day but to come to an agreement on how you want your day to be. (Note: wedding planning is great grounds to exercise compromise, which is much needed in marriage).

2. Choose the time frame for your wedding date

Along with your fiancé, talk through the month and year that works best for you. Perhaps you both desire a short engagement of just a few months. Perhaps you want to finish school first and need to wait over a year. Take the time to talk through the different factors that affect you and choose the time frame that works best for you.

3. Set your budget

Set your budget early on as it will set the tone for what you get, from the decoration, to the venue, to the cake, and it will determine which vendors you hire. As you set your budget, realistically consider how much money you already have allocated towards wedding expenses, how much more you can save by your wedding day, and how much you know for sure you will receive from loved ones (if applicable). It is important to set your budget before booking any vendors and to consistently update your budget as needed.

Black bride newly engaged in Boston, MA

4. Book your venue

Wedding venues book fast, especially during the peak wedding season. Once you determine the time frame for your wedding date and know how much of the budget you want to allocate towards the venue, do not delay booking your hall.

5. Consider Premarital Counseling

This is a part of wedding planning that is often overlooked yet it’s very important. As you start planning for that great day, make sure you do not neglect planning for your great marriage. Check with your church or a trusted counselor for pre-marital counseling classes to learn ways to build a solid foundation in your marriage. There are also great books that you can read to learn more about each other and prepare for life after the wedding day.

Bonus: Hire a planner

You may have hired great vendors for your wedding, but the wedding planner is the glue that will hold everything together. A professional wedding planner will guide you and will keep the planning on track from start to finish. They will form the plan to be followed by your team of wedding vendors, and they will be present to problem solve issues that may arise. The earlier you book a wedding planner, the better as it will allow you to receive assistance early on.

If you need a wedding planner, we would love to speak to you more about how we can serve you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you! 

Black bride newly engaged in Boston

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